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Lot Love Letter


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Mum + I


Tequila shots at market! (Donny + myself, and Mum + Papa on the right)


Forever playing dress up (Me - yellow dress, Summer - red dress)


ALWAYS putting our best face forward


Fargo famous


A little more than Fargo famous?


Home is wherever I am with Boo - Our Castlebarn


Annual employee bash at the lake. NO, we don't have any fun.


Our amazing customers supporting local for Small Business Saturday


LOT 2029 Bismarck - The one that started it all


New storefront! (Opened June 2011)


LOT 2029 Fargo (Opened April 2013)


LOT 2029 Sioux Falls (Opened April 2014)


MINT + BASIL (Kitchen + Home - Opened October 2016)


ONYX + PEARL (Opened June 2017)



MINT + BASIL (Apparel + Home Opening June 2018!!!)