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Love Affairs NecklaceLove Affairs Necklace
Love Affairs Necklace Sale price$9.00
Twisted Up BangleTwisted Up Bangle
Twisted Up Bangle Sale price$13.00
String Me Along NecklaceString Me Along Necklace
String Me Along Necklace Sale price$17.00
Working Girl EarringsWorking Girl Earrings
Working Girl Earrings Sale price$11.00
Silver Girls Matter Earrings
Heart Strings NecklaceHeart Strings Necklace
Heart Strings Necklace Sale price$9.00
Love in The Club EarringsLove in The Club Earrings
Love in The Club Earrings Sale price$11.00
Who Loves Bows Necklace
Who Loves Bows Necklace Sale price$9.00
Sold outI'm Just a Girl EarringsI'm Just a Girl Earrings
I'm Just a Girl Earrings Sale price$11.00
Madina Layered NecklaceMadina Layered Necklace
Madina Layered Necklace Sale price$10.00
Marlena NecklaceMarlena Necklace
Marlena Necklace Sale price$11.00
Sold outI Want Bows EarringsI Want Bows Earrings
I Want Bows Earrings Sale price$10.00
Cuffed Up EarringsCuffed Up Earrings
Cuffed Up Earrings Sale price$10.00
Lonestar EarringsLonestar Earrings
Lonestar Earrings Sale price$11.00
Gone Bad BraceletGone Bad Bracelet
Gone Bad Bracelet Sale price$25.00
Sold outWith a Bow EarringsWith a Bow Earrings
With a Bow Earrings Sale price$11.00
Jen EarringsJen Earrings
Jen Earrings Sale price$14.00
Cupids Heart EarringsCupids Heart Earrings
Cupids Heart Earrings Sale price$13.00
Sold outHeartbreaker Necklace
Heartbreaker Necklace Sale price$13.00
Lock it Up EarringsLock it Up Earrings
Lock it Up Earrings Sale price$10.00
Sold outMafia BraceletMafia Bracelet
Mafia Bracelet Sale price$8.00
Greed NecklaceGreed Necklace
Greed Necklace Sale price$10.00
Details Matter EarringsDetails Matter Earrings
Details Matter Earrings Sale price$10.00
All in the Diamonds NecklaceAll in the Diamonds Necklace
Belize BangleBelize Bangle
Belize Bangle Sale price$12.00
Sold outBetty Earrings
Betty Earrings Sale price$13.00
Sold outEloise EarringsEloise Earrings
Eloise Earrings Sale price$11.00
Corine EarringsCorine Earrings
Corine Earrings Sale price$15.00
Leray NecklaceLeray Necklace
Leray Necklace Sale price$14.00
Ice Cross NecklaceIce Cross Necklace
Ice Cross Necklace Sale price$18.00
Mob Wife EarringsMob Wife Earrings
Mob Wife Earrings Sale price$18.00
Nicki EarringsNicki Earrings
Nicki Earrings Sale price$20.00
Latto Layered NecklaceLatto Layered Necklace
Latto Layered Necklace Sale price$13.00
Cardi Earring SetCardi Earring Set
Cardi Earring Set Sale price$14.00
City Girls BraceletCity Girls Bracelet
City Girls Bracelet Sale price$17.00
Ginnie Ribbon EarringsGinnie Ribbon Earrings
Ginnie Ribbon Earrings Sale price$13.00
Fenna&Fei Huggie HoopsFenna&Fei Huggie Hoops
Fenna&Fei Huggie Hoops Sale price$12.00