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I was charged with doing one thing, Only one thing mind you, on this entire website. The About Us section. Here lies a prime example about us...who we are. I simply mentioned combining my blog/website with this one, and got the feedback “it better look pretty”..haha..touche' my designer wife! This example happened within the last 10 minutes of me writing these words. So there you have it, a glimpse into our day.


We work together, play together, travel together, and continually grow together.


We are both fiercely independent, yet with the same ferocity, completely dependent on each other. She deals with my roller coaster of emotions with practical humility and passive pokes. I, on the other hand, physically have to tear her away from a nonstop work obsessed existence. It's an odd balance.


We listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the road, working out, during the day, and any time we need some inspiration.


She gets dirtier and works longer than me. It takes me a few beers or a bottle of wine to work past 11pm. She seems to feed off the late night energy. I do the heavy lifting, and when I need help, she somehow comes in and pulls it off. The might from this 5ft 3in woman out performs many men I've seen work.  She took 10 minutes to learn how to use a miter saw and built 2 tables the next day. She learned how to comfortably ski black diamond runs at Bridger Bowl MT in 2 ½ days during her first time ever on skis. I would like to think she had a good teacher ;)


We try to eat as green and fresh as possible, yet the occasional pizza and the ever so accounted for, bottle of wine keep us in check. We trust nature and plant medicines vs over the counter ones and any advice received by a professional is then digested through copious amounts of research to make a decision.


Our morning habits usually consist of waking up and jumping in our hot tub, reading inspirationals in our nook, and drinking our butter coffee (I know, but we swear by it!)


One philosophy/proverb we try to live by, although effort and ego get in the way,  is of the Chinese Farmer, Maybe.


If she is Yin, I am Yang.

• • •


Donny + Hope Goldammer

Owners of MINT + BASIL ::: living + learning in the heart of Downtown Fargo, North Dakota and the woods of Minnesota.