Penrose Wax Melts

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These soy wax melts slowly and steadily release their fragrance into the air as they melt over a wax warmer. Each melt is highly scented and can be used until no more fragrance remains. We recommend 1 to 3 melts depending on the room size. 16 pieces. 3.25oz.


Highgarden - Scents of fresh figs and citrus; majestic evergreens rise with the morning mist. Notes: fig + citrus + woods.

Night Tide - Night washes over coconut palms; bonfires dance to life. Notes: Coconut + Black Pepper + Smoked driftwood + Lime.

Norwegian Woods - A lush Arctic forest; hints of moss and amber. Notes: Sage + Oakmoss + Amber + Musk.

Wild Spruce - Snow-capped spruce; frosted cranberries under a kiss of mistletoe. Notes: Spruce + Fresh Mint + Cranberry.

Midnight Amber - Sandalwood, musk and jasmine; whispers of luxurious cashmere. Notes: Clove + Jasmine + Fir + Sandalwood + Musk

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