OTD Hot Sauce - made in Fargo!


Off the Deck Hot Sauce - made in FARGO, ND!!


  • Habanero #Hustle: #HUSTLE is an honest expression of the playful fruitiness of the Habanero pepper. Delicious and delicate flavors lead the way with a solid kick of heat. A reliable addition to your favorite dishes, try it on your eggs, pizza, or even in a Bloody Mary.


  • Fresno#SrirachaOfTheRRV: #SrirachaOfTheRRV sauce is not made millions of gallons at a time. It's made in small batches, where the peppers are roasted because it adds smokey complexity. Local honey is used because it is the best you can buy. There is an absurd amount of garlic because it makes the sauce delicious. Put it on pulled pork, tacos, or anything you want to be better.


  • Jalapeno #LimeHaze: #LimeHaze is a California taquerias style hot sauce. Bright like daybreak in Malibu, adding approachable warmth with a clean kick to any dish. Especially good on tacos, or a homemade Alfredo.


About the makers, Jeremiah + Rachel:

Our story started when Jeremiah bought two pounds of habanero peppers. Turn’s out Jeremiah’s wife, Rachel didn’t cotton to the idea of eating Cuban Black Bean Stew for an entire month straight. You see up until that day that is all Jeremiah used habaneros for was that stew.

Having recently studied fermentation as a means of food preservation Jeremiah decided to try making a fermented habanero hot sauce.

This was the start of the adventure we call Off The Deck Hot Sauce.

Our mission is simple. We create sauces that are honest expressions of the peppers inside the bottle. Made with the highest quality ingredients available. We are small batch craft hot sauce. You could even say we are artisanal, we won’t but you can. 

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