Fern Candle / 10oz. Candle - - (19 Scents)


Fern Candle is a small business, woman-owned luxury soy candle company. The products are created with 100% natural soy and are hand poured in Bismarck, North Dakota by creator Kelsey Fern ~

Scent Notes:

  • Pumpkin Sage: my all-time FAVORITE pumpkin fragrance! Pumpkin is blended with notes of browned sage to bring warmth and thanksgiving to your home. (pumpkin/ginger/brown sugar/sage

  • Brandied Pear: spiced pear and smooth brandy perfectly form this traditional fall indulgence. (pear/cinnamon/nutmeg/brandy)

  • Mint + Basil: (#1 BESTSELLING SCENT, woot woot!) Garden mint and basil. (This fragrance also has notes of a citrus--they are lemon/lime/orange. Garden-inspired.) 

  • Tobacco & Sage: Tobacco, sandalwood and sage. (Your man's favorite flannel shirt)

  • Apple Maple Bourbon: Apple, cinnamon, maple, and bourbon. (Warm, spicy)

  • Vanilla Pecan & Fig: Vanilla, pecan, brown sugar and fig. (Cozy, layered)

  • But First, Coffee: Coffee, citrus, vanilla and nutmeg. (Hearty, bold)

  • Lavender Sandalwood: Lavender, violet, cedar and sandalwood. (Relaxing, soothing)

  • Green Tea & Lemongrass: Green tea, jasmine, lemongrass, and orange flowers. (Energizing, uplifting)

  • Grapefruit & Mint: Grapefruit, thyme and mint. (rejuvenating, uplifting)

  • Garden Cucumber: Thyme, cucumber, basil and clover. (fresh, farmhouse)

  • Rosewater: A delicate blend of rose and rainwater. (feminine, cheerful)

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