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Is there anything more quintessential summer than a BBQ? We think not. And now that our favorite season is in full swing, we’re ready to dust off the ‘ol grill and get to cookin’. Because if we’re being honest, food just tastes better grilled. (Can we get an amen!?) Whether it’s a kabob of summer veggies, a rack of ribs or just a nice juicy steak….we’re alllll about that grill life. After all, it is the only type of food that’s totally socially acceptable to eat in a swimsuit, right?

Ever had barbecue sauce so good, you’d consider licking your plate? Well anyway, Lillie Q’s is that good. With a variety of flavors ranging from a traditional, mustard based sauce, to a vinegary flavored sauce and even a white sauce perfect for coleslaw…these folks thought of everything. But they didn’t just stop at sauce, because what BBQ is complete without chips? With five different flavors to choose from and all natural ingredients, we’re hooked and we’re pretty sure you will be too.

Tip: Keep it simple when serving a crowd! Don’t choose too many different types of meats or veggies or you run the risk of overcooking your meat. Spice things up with a variety of sauces and condiments to choose from!

Sauces not your jam? No worries, we gotchu. Meet Spiceology, your new BFF. Seriously though, with names like “Cowboy Crust” “Greek Freak” and “Black Magic” we’re obsessed. Rub these yummies on your meat or sprinkle ‘em on your veggies and your taste buds will seriously FREAK OUT.

Tip: Be sure to cover both sides of your meat or veggies with a good coating of spices and rubs while it’s still raw. This allows the flavors to really cook into the meat, making your meal just that much more delicious.

What BBQ is complete without beer?! And what if we told you we had goods to help you make your own?! Yep. Because how cool is it to tell you friends (as they sip on deliciously, cold beer) “Yeah, I made that.” With a variety of different flavor profiles, you can take home a box full of everything you need to get to brewing. We’ll cheers to that!

Tip: Pair a lighter ale with your barbecue for a more enjoyable experience.

We didn’t reeeeeally know just how important using the right tools on the grill was until we melted our poor, little plastic spatula. With some grills reaching temperatures of up to 800 degrees, it’s super important that you use the right tools on your grill. Nobody likes melted spatula on their burger. We personally love using our stainless-steel LED grilling spatula. It’s bright, flashlight capabilities make those late-night grill-outs even easier.

Tip: Don’t forget to start with a clean grill! But seriously, who wants last night’s burgers on today’s chicken? No thank you.

Don’t forget about dessert! (We never do.) Why not take your s’mores to the next level with gourmet chocolate?! YUM. Our personal favorite, Compartes chocolate, will definitely leave your guests impressed and asking for a second…and a third…and well, you get the point.Tip: Try a white chocolate bar with one of our handmade jams inside your s’mores and really kick your s’mores game up a notch.

Well folks, there ya have it. Our favorite M + B products, tips & tricks to make this grilling season your best yet.

by: Lilly Cristy

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