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Beyond the Brand, Beyond The Olive

Now…. ever think trading a plain ol’ EVOO for a Beyond the Olive award winning olive oils and gourmet vinegars?  After you see what these puppies can do, you might be updating your shopping list.  And if you think we’re just tooting their horn, we sure as heck are!!  They’ve been named one of the Top 10 places IN THE WORLD to buy olive oil.  Plus it’s local family business and we sure can’t get enough of those.Blackberry Balsamic well paired with Lemon Olive Oil.

Picture this.  Baked chicken wings smothered in the Chocolate Cherry Balsamic or Risotto Alfredo using the one of a kind Arbequina oil.  Leading into Fall season soon, envision a Cauliflower Pumpkin Bisque with the hints of their Smokey olive oil. Now that’s flavor.

Not only are they the most trusted source for California extra virgin olive oils and gourmet vinegars, they pride their company on working directly with small farmers, knowing exactly what practices are used for the milling process. Setting themselves apart from other run of the mill companies, they produce farm direct extra virgin olive oils each and every year.

Basil Olive Oil mouth watering good on vegetables.

Helpful Hints:

-“Extra Virgin” is a grade of olive oil, just as AA is a grade for eggs.  This olive oil must be made solely from olives and entirely by mechanical means- no solvents or chemicals.  It must have no flavor defects and have some olive fruitiness when tasted by a trained recognized taste panel… and personally judging by the amount of times we’ve tasted tested this babies, we could be a part of that panel.

-California law requires the labeling of “California Olive Oil” to be 100% olive based, which is the standard that Beyond the Olive meets with each production and by god their good at it.

-Don’t be fooled by “Extra Light Olive Oil”, simply stated this mean less flavor but calories and fat are the same. Even worse, it is primarily refined olive oil that has been flavored with a little bit of extra virgin, so you are essentially paying more for less.

-The Four Enemies of Olive Oil: Air, Light, Heat, & Time: Opt for darker bottles, shorter shelf life and store in a dark, tightly closed space. Unlike red wine or our fabulous selves, olive oil does not improve with age…so don’t be afraid to use it up!

Toss Raspberry Basil Vinegar on salads. Pair Meyer Lemon with Blueberry Balsamic or Champagne Mimosa White Vinegar.

We are in love with the easy peasy 3-step appetizer Soberdough Brew Bread accompanying the olive oils & balsamic…which we are still on the hunt for a fan-favorite winning combination of the two.  With our focus on the olive oils from Beyond the Olive, might we say they have a great selection of balsamic and wine vinegars that will not disappoint! And by that, we quite strongly suggest their Traditional 25 Star Balsamic known for its centuries old recipe produced in Morena, Italy.  And more so because it is simply amazing.  Swing on down, grab the bread mix, pick up a few bottles, & let us know what pair won your taste buds over.

This Week Only // 9.10.17-9.16.17 // Get Beyond The Olive oils & balsamic at 15% OFF! In-store or phone orders accepted.  Must mention at checkout.  Not available with any other offer. Stock up + enjoy!

M+B Noteworthy Items:

Marble + Wood Spoon Rest

Soberdough Brew Bread Mix

Ceramic white plate

Wooden cutting board

Amber drinking glass

Author: Alli Clark

Photography: Gretchen Hinz

Editor: Brynn Joki

Think you could add a little pizazz to what we’re doing here?  Get in touch!  We’d love to see what you’ve got cookin! Info + ideas to brynn@shopmintandbasil.com.  

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